Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day Wrapup and Return to Knitting

I just have one word: YAY!

I went to a celebratory lunch that a friend hosted today and it was great to visit with neighborhood women, have a great lunch, and celebrate the election results. It's been a long time since I celebrated a Presidential election. The promise of new and better times is exhilarating.

On the knitting front, not much progress is reported. I've become semi-obsessed with my sock yarn blankie (reported about here). It's lots of fun to get going on and the squares are small, so just making one more seems to be always an option. However, I found that even a teeny square can be messed up.

I finished a hat that I wanted to send to Collegeboy for his birthday, but I decided after washing it that it's too floppy, so now I'm in the process of picking out the cast-on edge and several rows so I can knit the edge over again with smaller needles. It's too bad that when you rip out knitting from the bottom up it doesn't come out smoothly. It would take me a lot less time to fix if the darn thing would just pull out. Oh well, we will hopefully see him on his birthday weekend (it's coming up Saturday!) so I won't have to have it done ahead for mailing. I'd get so much more knitting done if I didn't have to do everything at least twice....

If you're looking for charity knitting, afghans for Afghans just announced a quick campaign - they need 300 pairs of mittens by November 20. I'm going to get started on a pair as soon as I can.

I'm going to finish my Kauni sweater this month. Here's a photo (with too much glare) of its current state - two sleeves finished but still needs neckline and button bands. I joined a NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month) group on Ravelry in the Stash & Burn Groupies group and my goal is to finish this sweater by the end of the month. If I could just knit and not do anything else, I'd be happy.

See you tomorrow.

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