Friday, March 26, 2010

Socks, Classes, and a Visitor

Happy Spring a few days late.  We're having typical Seattle spring weather; a beautiful sunny day followed by cold and rainy.  Makes it difficult to plan - have to live in the moment.  Hmmm, where have I heard that before?

Anyway, I finished two pairs of socks this week.  One is a pair that had been on the needles so long, I don't even know when I started it.  It was my travelling sock; plain stockinette and brought along to doctor's appointments, concerts, graduations, etc.  Since I can't knit without looking, it didn't grow as fast as it could have.  But the second sock is finally finished and I know I started them a long time ago, since I now make my cuffs longer.  I'm thinking this might be another afghans for Afghans donation.  I like the colors a lot, but they're a little snug and short and might be great for a teenager.

The second pair I finished is my "brainless" socks.  This Yarnissima pattern looked great to me and after I frogged a Clapotis in my Wollmeise Guide to Galaxy yarn, decided it would be nice in this pattern.  Somehow I managed to finish the first sock without incident, but the second one was a nightmare.  I couldn't get the right array of stitches after the heel turn; the directions made no sense to me.  After numerous attempts, I did the best I could and got it finished.  I think they look nice, but I for one will not be knitting this pattern again.

Last weekend I had a couple of great knitting classes at my LYS.  Last Saturday, Stephen West was in the shop and he taught two classes as well as showed off many of his lovely knitted items.  He was a lot of fun (so young!) and is really talented.  I had to come home and choose some yarn and start his Akimbo shawl.  It's proving to be a lot of fun.  I'm planning to make the border in another complementary, variegated yarn.  If I don't like how that looks, I'll stick with this one.  It's Wollmeise and the colorway is a We're Different Vroni.  Very rich and beautiful.

A fellow class member took some photos, which you can find here.  If you look through them all, you might see a photo of me in there.

Sunday I had a spinning class.  We learned how to spin good sock yarn, which is something I wanted to improve on.  We practiced different drafting techniques, then came away with top to use to spin for our own socks.  I got some that has subtle color changes and hope to spin it in a way that will result in gentle color progression down the sock.  We'll see how that goes!

And last, a photo of an unusual visitor to our yard today.  As I looked out the window from my desk, I saw this girl walking down our driveway, headed to our woodsy area.  I think she's a female ring-necked pheasant.  Very cool to see.