Friday, November 30, 2012

If I Only Had More Hands

When the spam comments dry up, I figure it's time for a new blog post.  I've been home in Seattle for a couple of weeks and now I'm remembering why it's nicer to be in the desert at this time of year.  Rain, rain, rain....I know, it could be worse, but it's pretty gloomy.

So this weather leads me to my activity of dreaming up projects to knit and spin and then trying to figure out how I can do all of them at the same time.  That leads to this:

The WIP pile of doom.  Being on my own for awhile leads to my habit of spreading out various projects over the sectional in the basement and working on multiple things.  Tired of the sweater?  No problem, pick up the mitten...or the fingerless mitt...or the blanket...or the sock...or plan tomorrow's cast on of the stash-busting Color Affection Shawl...or print out a pattern for a hat that would make a nice gift.  Then spin for awhile with the handy miniSpinner that I can put right onto the sofa with me.  And I still have the Girasole languishing in my knitting room all alone.  Oh, well, I'm managing to stay out of trouble this way.

I'm feeling a little headache-y and tired today and I think that means the Detox I'm doing is working.  DH and I watched a Dr. Oz show that talked about a 3 day detox plan, so Wednesday I picked up a bunch of fruit and vegetables and started it yesterday.  You make smoothies (they're not juice because you don't remove the pulp so they're thick) out of a variety of ingredients and that's all you have for three days.  (You can see the tall glass of green stuff there on the table.)  I've done several days of mostly juice before but I don't remember feeling like this.  Maybe some of these ingredients are more detoxifying than others, though there really is nothing weird about them.  I managed to get everything I needed at Trader Joe's, thereby avoiding a more expensive trip to Whole Foods.  So it's going pretty well, even though the Green Tea in the morning sometimes upsets my stomach.  When I do this, I always hesitate about cutting out coffee, since I know I'll go back to drinking it, but this time I'm not having any.  I've been eating pretty carefully for the last couple of years, but Thanksgiving came and I managed to eat my share of bread and sugar, so I decided a quick detox couldn't hurt.

I finished the gift socks I was making, but I think that's all.  

Oh, in looking back, I see that I didn't report on the completion of my Featherweight.  I love the yarn and the color, but I wish I'd made it a little bit bigger.  And I really don't like the fit of raglan sleeves.  Guess that's why I started two more sweaters in the same style.