Saturday, July 28, 2007

Buen Viaje

to our lovely Laura. We took her to Portland yesterday to meet her group for the flight back to Spain. We hated to say goodbye - it was such a fun and educational month. We did and saw things around our own home that we hadn't done in ages and I have a list of 28 new Spanish words and phrases to work on. She promised to continue sending me new words via e-mail, so by the time we visit her in San Sebastian I'll be able to make a few sentences!

We went to the King County Fair last Saturday. I hadn't been to that one in years, and it was lots of fun. We saw lots of animals (here are some cerdos) ate fair food, including hot dogs and scones and generally had a very pleasant time. We stopped by Lake Wilderness on the way back to show Laura where our summer cabin is, and here are the girls on the dock at the park.

We also visited the Pike Place Market, where we saw more cerdos.

We had a campfire on the patio and made s'mores, which were enjoyed by all.

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I just returned from a fabulous, though hot, week in Palm Desert, CA. We had been having beautiful and quite hot weather here in Seattle for awhile, so it wasn't such a shock to go outside at 9 AM and find the temperature in the 90s. (Ok, it still was a shock but I survived.)

I was alone (yes, alone!) for three days, then my daughter and Spanish guest arrived. I got lots of knitting done, some early morning walking and bike riding, and some sunbathing. I finished my Victorian Lace Socks

and am pretty happy with them. They were fun to knit; the rib pattern was different, but not too hard. Of course, I also worked on my MS3 clue and finished the second one. I had my daughter print out Clue 3 and bring it to me when she arrived so I wouldn't be too far behind. We have two weeks to do Clue 4, so I should be able to finish the rest of 3 and get 4 done without too much trouble. Although being back in the land of gardening and housework slows me down a little. Here's my progress through Clue 2.
I started another sock, of course, (plane ride home, hello!). I'm using Yarn Pirate Superwash Merino in the Mermaid Colorway and am really enjoying the way it's coming out. I'm doing the leg in a sort of elongated basked weave pattern and the foot in stockinette. I love the colors.

Some vacation pictures: We rode the tram in Palm Springs up to the top of the mountain. It was fun, and much cooler at the higher elevation (I think they said it was 8000 feet.) The floor of the tram car rotates around as you ride so you can see out in all directions. It's a little scary when it bumps over the poles every so often. We took a nice little hike in the forest at the top.

I finished some charity knitting and sent it off. I'll put photos and more info in the next post.

Excited to begin Dishrag Tag in about two weeks!

Friday, July 6, 2007

So Far So Good

I just finished Clue 1 of Mystery Stole 3. I have to really concentrate to follow the charts, but I'm pleased so far. Now on to the next one!

My word of the day is fuente (fountain.) Here's our guest in front of the fountain near the Olympic Sculpture Garden in Seattle. Today was our first visit to the park, and it was beautiful. A beautiful day, and very interesting art.
Do you remember these? I know I'm dating myself when I say I remember using them. (The picture isn't the best, but the sculpture is huge and very cool.)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Everyone else's mother is nicer

than your own.

Our exchange student, Laura, told her mother about the fun times she is having with us, and of course her mother thought that since Laurie "wanted to trade families", she would trade daughters to one who didn't use American slang! We are having a great time with her. We took a ferry ride the other day and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
My new words: nadar (swim), tortuga (turtle), and anacardos (cashews). I don't know if I can use them in a sentence. I also learned that cardo alone means a rude or abrupt person.

Laura and I took Buddy for a walk today around Green Lake and had a great time. We saw turtles (tortugas), a great blue heron, lots of dogs and, of course, many people. Everything is new to her and I enjoy seeing it through new eyes.

My new Mystery Stole 3 progress: This is chart A of Clue 1. I'm busily trying to get Chart B done before Clue 2 is published tomorrow. With the Yarn Harlot's announcement today that she has joined, the membership has soared over 5000. Now I have to keep up!

Although her 1/2 evening of knitting has taken me a week! Wait, I did change yarn a few days ago, and had to start over. That 's the holdup...Now my piece looks more like a stole end and less like a thong. I'm happy.

Monday, July 2, 2007

A Word a Day

is my motto for July. We welcomed Laura from San Sebastian, Spain into our family for the month and she is graciously teaching me a new Spanish word each day. So far we have perro (dog), calor (hot), pelicula (movie), and gofre (waffle). DD says these words are random, but they refer to things we've done or talked about, so they're good for me! Here is our guest snuggled up with Buddy and everyone looks happy.
The first clue for Mystery Stole 3 was published on Friday, and I managed to get through Chart A (half of the first clue) by last night. (Yes, it looks like thong underw*ear, but not for long!) I'm doing pretty well with it, but the yarn (Lane Borgosesia Cashwool) is quite fine and light, and I have to be really careful and pay close attention so I don't mess it up. Even fingering weight sock yarn seems thick after using this stuff! I don't know if I'll be a lace fanatic after this project, but I'll certainly improve my experience.

As the triangle grows, the number of squares across the chart grows, too, and I'm devising ways to keep my place. This is quite challenging, because if I get lost it's a little hard to find the place when the stitches are so small. This is definitely a project I can't do while watching tv. It's a "sit at the desk and concentrate on one line at a time" project at the moment. Maybe I'll find an easier way as I gain experience. I'm doing pretty well with the lace socks in front of the tv.

Dishrag Tag is a month away! I made a practice dishrag and it came out pretty well. It's a little bit large and slightly lopsided, but it'll work. Can't wait to get going!
I used Sugar 'n Cream in a variegated color, and I think it's kind of pretty. I've never made or used a cotton dishrag before, so I think this one will be put into service and see how it holds up. Our dishrag team has been having fun plotting our strategy and planning another fun exchange amongst ourselves. It's lots of fun meeting people with similar interests from all over the country.