Monday, May 14, 2012

The Best Mother's Day!

I am back in the desert, where it's unseasonably warm this year.  Last year I stayed home during May and it was cold and rainy in Seattle and very nice here.  So this year I decided to reverse that.  Of course it's sunny and lovely in Seattle and in the 100s here this time.  It's supposed to be down to 91 in a few days and I'm actually looking forward to that as a nice cool day!

I arrived here on May 5th and got right back into my routine of going to the gym and sitting by the pool.  Yes, it's a tough life but someone's got to do it!  I finished my Professoressa Cardigan right before I came down and luckily didn't run out of yarn, so avoided cannibalizing my MIL's scarf that I retrieved from her just in case.  She was so nice about giving it back that I think I'll knit her a nice lacy scarf out of some Wollmeise as a reward.  I am happy with the way the sweater came out, but I won't be wearing it any time soon since it's fairly heavy even though it's DK weight.

I also finished my Pi shawl!  This is the second version of this shawl; I started one last year and got almost to the end but messed up big time and just ripped the whole thing out.  Here's a photo of it pre-blocking.  I'm interested to see how it blocks out and if any mistakes show up when it's stretched.  If it looks good, it might be an entry for the fair this year.

Now for the weekend.  I was relaxing with DH on Thursday evening, slightly wondering why he wanted to eat dinner later than usual, but not too concerned.  I was knitting and the doorbell rang.  We have an elderly neighbor who likes to stop by around dinnertime for a glass of wine, and I thought it was him.  DH went to the door and when I looked up, the Princess and her fiance were standing there! I was totally surprised.  They had been planning it for a month or so and I had no idea.  We had a fun time with them and got in a photo shoot in the sculpture garden near the new art museum in Palm Desert.

Then another surprise...Mr. Hollywood showed up on Saturday.  We came home from an afternoon outing and he was sitting in the living room.  DH and the Princess managed to get him in the gate and tell him where the door key was in front of me without letting me know what was going on.  I guess I really am oblivious.  So we had almost all the kids here and it was wonderful.  We went out to dinner on Saturday night.  This is before I drank the biggest martini in the world.

Luckily we don't have any photos of after I drank the biggest martini in the world, but the kids enjoyed the dancing and karaoke and making sure Mother didn't get lost anywhere.  And now they have a good story for their children.  Always happy to oblige!

And here are my two babies.  I'm so proud of them; the Princess is about to be married and will graduate from college in December (1/2 year early!) and Mr. Hollywood has found a job!  He has also lost an incredible amount of weight and looks happy and healthy.  I am indeed lucky.

So thanks everyone for making my Mother's Day weekend one of the best.  I love you all.