Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of October July!  I suppose if you're somewhere else in the country, it feels like summer, but here in the lovely Pacific Northwest, it was 55 degrees F this morning when I went to the store.  Don't worry, it's supposed to warm up all the way to 63 or something this afternoon.  Hit the pool!

I've been madly trying to finish up my Farmer's Market Cardigan, which I put away in March, because it's been so darn cold I knew I could wear it.  I finished it yesterday (July 3rd) and I still can wear it today!  In fact, I'll wear it when I go to the Farmer's Market down the street after I finish this.  How's that for a positive attitude about a crappy summer?

Here it is:  I used Madelinetosh Worsted (now called DK) in the Norway Spruce colorway.  I bought this yarn last summer at the Sock Summit.  I used US 7 and 8 needles.  I had an awful time figuring out the trim increase section, but it just goes to show you that perseverance pays off!  Here it is (photos courtesy of DH) on our front porch in our cloudy weather.

I hope wherever you are, and whatever your weather, that you have a fun and safe Independence Day.