Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Holiday Adventure

Knitting and gardening have temporarily been interrupted to bring you this holiday adventure tale, courtesy of DH and the intrepid Buddy.  Hope you enjoy it!


Ice Gator relaxing on the bench

Ice Gator hears some noise and heads to the frozen pool to hide

Ice Gator does his Apollo Ohno interpretation - Go for the Gold, Ice Gator!

While relaxing after skating, he hears the approach of an Alaskan beauty...hmmm

She doesn't notice Ice Gator

Careful now, just a little closer....

Ice Gator goes Ninja.  Careful, Alaskan beauty!  Look out!

Ice Gator makes his move!  Gotcha!

I'll stash her for lunch later.

Back to my hideout across the frozen pool.

Slow going, but I'll make it.  Wait!  Is that Buddy the Wonder Dog?

It IS Buddy the Wonder Dog.  Can I keep the frozen girl away from him?

Oh, no!  Buddy sees the Alaskan beauty's predicament and readies himself for battle.

The Alaskan beauty is saved by Buddy the Wonder Dog.  CHEERS!

It's all in a day's work for our hero, Buddy

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Matched Set

There just might be a few collections around my house.  Candles, martini glasses, menorahs, baskets, yarn, and fiber all seem to have plenty of company around here.  One of the other cupboards that is crowded is the mug shelf in the kitchen.  For years, we've collected coffee mugs from places we've been, and I enjoy the conversation that ensues when I use a selection of these for coffee at a dinner party.

Ever since the Princess started college last fall, my desire was to get the last college mug so I could complete the set of the kids' schools.  For Chanukah, she brought me my coveted mug.

Behold the story of our kids' higher education, as told through the mug collection.

I love it.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Challah for the Choliday

Lucky us!  The Princess learned how to make homemade Challah a couple of weeks ago and treated us to a loaf or four when she came home.

She and friend Ben were whirlwinds in the kitchen to a spectacular result.  We had the first loaf for dinner the first night of Chanukah, Ben took a loaf home to his family, and two more are in the freezer for our family last night of Chanukah dinner tomorrow.

Here's a little photo journal of the Challah experience.

Happy Holidays to you!