Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and an early Happy New Year!

We had a lovely quiet Chanukah, as we have to enjoy visits from kids as they can get away from work.  Everyone growing up and scattering plays havoc with family holidays!  It's also strange to have sunny weather at Christmastime.  It's a little cooler than normal this year but we still look at sunshine and palm trees most of the time.  I had a vision of what it is supposed to be like, courtesy of a decorated yard nearby that included (fake) snow.

We had our designated shelf for sparkly lights, candles, and the menorah.  I keep it there until Jan. 1 or so because I love the lights.  I also put some blue and white lights on our bushes outside and we've been enjoying them, too.  It doesn't take much to make me happy!  Latkes on the bbq help, too.

We had a surprise visit from the Princess, Prince Charming, and our granddog, Olive. They had a few days off work and decided to spend them with us and we were delighted.  We went on a nice hike,

visited zoo lights at The Living Desert (and rode the carousel!),

played some games, and relaxed.  Someone got a new sweater, too.

Next weekend we get to see Mr. and Ms. Hollywood when they come over to go to a movie with us at the Palm Springs Film Festival.  We won't get to spend much time with them this time because next Saturday we're going on an adventure and driving to Phoenix to attend the Seahawks/Cardinals game.    We're excited because we don't get to see all of the games on TV while we're here in CA and I haven't seen the Seahawks play in person since the 70s.

We missed seeing our Seattle kids, but they're busy growing our new grandbaby.  Things are going great so far...if you look closely you can see the little socks I made for him.  Yes, they're having a boy and he's reported to be big already, so larger socks might be in my knitting plans.

No more finished knitting to report on, but I started a sofa throw in desert colors to have here.  Straight rows of garter stitch will make us a nice, squishy blanket.  I've been messing up things right and left so wanted a truly non-thinking project!

Wishing happy, healthy days for all.

Monday, December 14, 2015

More Knitting!

Knit, knit, knit, rip, rip, rip....if I just did each project once, I'd be much more prolific.  Oh well, it's the process, right?

So here's the scoop since last month.  I made a pair of baby socks in Seahawks colors for Baby B, who now has been officially revealed as a boy.  Apparently he will be a big boy, though, so I think bigger socks will be on the needles soon.  There are other things I want to make for him (and something I've finished) but I won't post them here until they're done and delivered. Don't want to spoil any surprise (not that his parents read my blog, but you never know.)

I'm making another baby present for a mom-to-be I know here in the desert.  I found some Cascade 128 Superwash  in pinks (she's having a girl) and am making a basketweave pattern for a blanket.  The yarn shop only had four skeins, so I need to hurry and figure out whether I have enough or if I'll need another skein.  This has to be done by the shower date of Jan. 2.  It's quite a bit farther than the photo shows.

I just finished a cowl today that I've been working on and off for awhile.  It's cashmere and so light and soft.  The pattern was very interesting to make and might be a fun one to do again in another yarn.  It's called Foolproof. The colors are a bit darker than they look here.  Darn sunny day in December!

In my last post I mentioned the mystery shawl I was knitting.  Well, after waiting for some yarn to rescue me when I ran out during clue 1, I finished it.  I knit shawls but usually don't wear them....this one sits very nicely on the shoulders and I just might get some use out of it.  It's a Westknits design but not quite as crazy as some of his.  I kind of like it!

I didn't show you the last sweater I finished.  It's called Reine and is a really nice design.  I didn't put the buttons on since I liked it open just fine.  Here's a photo of me wearing it with the Princess at Thanksgiving.  I made it out of a really nice sport weight yarn from The Plucky Knitter.

That's it for now.  I really want to do some spinning but just haven't had the time.  When I get caught up on the baby things, that's the first thing I'll do.  I bought some cool new bobbins for one of my wheels from Akerworks.  He makes them on a 3D printer and the colors are so much fun.  I haven't even had a chance to try them out but they're supposed to be awesome.