Monday, December 21, 2009

A Matched Set

There just might be a few collections around my house.  Candles, martini glasses, menorahs, baskets, yarn, and fiber all seem to have plenty of company around here.  One of the other cupboards that is crowded is the mug shelf in the kitchen.  For years, we've collected coffee mugs from places we've been, and I enjoy the conversation that ensues when I use a selection of these for coffee at a dinner party.

Ever since the Princess started college last fall, my desire was to get the last college mug so I could complete the set of the kids' schools.  For Chanukah, she brought me my coveted mug.

Behold the story of our kids' higher education, as told through the mug collection.

I love it.

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Tava said...

I love it! I'm partial to Seattle University though ;)