Saturday, July 28, 2007

Buen Viaje

to our lovely Laura. We took her to Portland yesterday to meet her group for the flight back to Spain. We hated to say goodbye - it was such a fun and educational month. We did and saw things around our own home that we hadn't done in ages and I have a list of 28 new Spanish words and phrases to work on. She promised to continue sending me new words via e-mail, so by the time we visit her in San Sebastian I'll be able to make a few sentences!

We went to the King County Fair last Saturday. I hadn't been to that one in years, and it was lots of fun. We saw lots of animals (here are some cerdos) ate fair food, including hot dogs and scones and generally had a very pleasant time. We stopped by Lake Wilderness on the way back to show Laura where our summer cabin is, and here are the girls on the dock at the park.

We also visited the Pike Place Market, where we saw more cerdos.

We had a campfire on the patio and made s'mores, which were enjoyed by all.

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Laura Azarola said...


I'm Laura!!!thank you for the email, I'll answer you after finishing this comment. The brownies are delicious!!!and luckily so far we aren't sick!!My brother loves them, that means that they're wonderful 'cause he doesn't like that kind of sweet desserts. This afternoon I'm going to the beach with my friends, yes it's sunny!!!! and I'll give them some brownies!!!