Thursday, July 5, 2007

Everyone else's mother is nicer

than your own.

Our exchange student, Laura, told her mother about the fun times she is having with us, and of course her mother thought that since Laurie "wanted to trade families", she would trade daughters to one who didn't use American slang! We are having a great time with her. We took a ferry ride the other day and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
My new words: nadar (swim), tortuga (turtle), and anacardos (cashews). I don't know if I can use them in a sentence. I also learned that cardo alone means a rude or abrupt person.

Laura and I took Buddy for a walk today around Green Lake and had a great time. We saw turtles (tortugas), a great blue heron, lots of dogs and, of course, many people. Everything is new to her and I enjoy seeing it through new eyes.

My new Mystery Stole 3 progress: This is chart A of Clue 1. I'm busily trying to get Chart B done before Clue 2 is published tomorrow. With the Yarn Harlot's announcement today that she has joined, the membership has soared over 5000. Now I have to keep up!

Although her 1/2 evening of knitting has taken me a week! Wait, I did change yarn a few days ago, and had to start over. That 's the holdup...Now my piece looks more like a stole end and less like a thong. I'm happy.

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Sarah-Hope said...

The Harlot's posting convinced me to sign up too, so I'm definitely a week behind. I'm not going to do the beads--a bit more fussy that I want, but I ove the piece is working as I've seen it on various blogs.