Monday, July 2, 2007

A Word a Day

is my motto for July. We welcomed Laura from San Sebastian, Spain into our family for the month and she is graciously teaching me a new Spanish word each day. So far we have perro (dog), calor (hot), pelicula (movie), and gofre (waffle). DD says these words are random, but they refer to things we've done or talked about, so they're good for me! Here is our guest snuggled up with Buddy and everyone looks happy.
The first clue for Mystery Stole 3 was published on Friday, and I managed to get through Chart A (half of the first clue) by last night. (Yes, it looks like thong underw*ear, but not for long!) I'm doing pretty well with it, but the yarn (Lane Borgosesia Cashwool) is quite fine and light, and I have to be really careful and pay close attention so I don't mess it up. Even fingering weight sock yarn seems thick after using this stuff! I don't know if I'll be a lace fanatic after this project, but I'll certainly improve my experience.

As the triangle grows, the number of squares across the chart grows, too, and I'm devising ways to keep my place. This is quite challenging, because if I get lost it's a little hard to find the place when the stitches are so small. This is definitely a project I can't do while watching tv. It's a "sit at the desk and concentrate on one line at a time" project at the moment. Maybe I'll find an easier way as I gain experience. I'm doing pretty well with the lace socks in front of the tv.

Dishrag Tag is a month away! I made a practice dishrag and it came out pretty well. It's a little bit large and slightly lopsided, but it'll work. Can't wait to get going!
I used Sugar 'n Cream in a variegated color, and I think it's kind of pretty. I've never made or used a cotton dishrag before, so I think this one will be put into service and see how it holds up. Our dishrag team has been having fun plotting our strategy and planning another fun exchange amongst ourselves. It's lots of fun meeting people with similar interests from all over the country.

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Sarah-Hope said...

Nice practice cloth--I'll be knitting one up soon (tonight, I hope)!