Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Learning something new every day

comes with knitting. Sometimes it's a new technique, a new stitch, a new pattern. Sometimes it's using a new tool or a different type or weight of yarn. Sometimes it's using beads. And sometimes it's just trial and error, figuring out that what I thought was going to work wouldn't.

I've determined to finish my Kauni cardigan this month. I took it out the other day, planned my attack, and picked up the stitches for the neckband and knit the ribbing. It came out fine, so I continued, researched the best number of stitches to pick up for the button bands, cut the last big steek up the middle, and sat down to pick up the 100+ stitches. This ribbing is done with two colors; one used for the knit stitches and one for the purl stitches. I did this on the hem, the cuffs, and the neckline with no trouble. The button band was different. And finishing is not my strong point; I do try to read any directions I can find, then muddle through. So....

I picked up the stitches from the neckline to the hem. The working yarn was then on the hem end of the needle, so I thought I could just work from the bottom up. The fact that the right side of the ribbing would be on the wrong side of the sweater seemed immaterial to me - ribbing is the same on both sides, isn't it? Not, apparently when it's corrugated ribbing.

After trying to convince myself that the curly, loopy look was cool (a design element) and getting concurrence from some family members, I continued for a couple more rows.

It didn't work. For one thing, it doesn't match the other ribbing and it's just a little bit too weird. The back side looked a lot better.

I will rip. This yarn is very sticky, so it's not that bad to rip. I'm going to try to only go back to the pickup up edge, start new yarn at the other end, and do it from the right direction. Then I'll just have to figure out how to get it going the right way on the other button band and also how to do the buttonholes.

One thing at a time.

I do have to mention that I received a lot of good information about this project from this blog.
She is a meticulous knitter with excellent technique and thinks things out and explains them well.

I will press on.

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