Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obsessed again, naturally

Thank heavens I didn't start on a wheel. I've spent much of the last few days practicing on my spindle, buying more inexpensive roving to try to improve my spinning, and reading about spinning on Ravelry. Of course, reading about spinning technique leads to reading about the best fiber to use, which leads to reading about the best spindles to get. Which leads to looking up all the spindle makers and drooling, if not ordering.

So reading and shopping has replaced practice spinning. I've purchased another spindle and some more roving and I fear that I'm not through yet.

One sensible thing I did was turn down the offer to buy a spinning wheel from a friend of mine. I don't want to have that much invested and a bigger item to move when we get around to downsizing the house in the next few years. It also gives me more money for spindles and fiber because look at all I saved on the wheel I didn't buy!

You can talk yourself into anything.

Yesterday while sitting here at my desk, I was fascinated watching two hummingbirds chasing each other around the feeders. Usually one will chase the other away and that's that, but these two had quite an interaction going for some time. Sometimes they sat on opposite sides of the feeder, but they sat like this (see photo below) for a long time. If you click on the photo, you can make it bigger to see the second hummingbird sitting on the branch above and to the right of the feeder.

Ain't nature grand?

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hitherandyarn said...



Yes, guess what I just started doing.

I find it hard to believe myself (it's partly in aid of my upcoming role portraying a woman in a shepherd family of 2000 years ago) -- but I am learning to spin on a drop spindle.

And I swore I wouldn't learn to spin until the kids left the house, because I didn't need any more yarn, and I had no room for a wheel (not planning a wheel purchase, definitely).
We really were separated at birth....