Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Dark

I'm so glad that I took all those photos of the fall colors during the last couple of weeks, because we've had a couple of huge rainstorms and the colors are pretty much gone, unless you count the squashed, muddy leaves all over the ground. The combination of no more daylight savings time and heavy clouds makes it look like evening at 3:00.

The good news is that it makes me think of lighting candles! I discovered Partylite a few years ago, have a friend who's a consultant, and have had at least an annual party for several years. One of the most memorable was one I had during the summer on a nice evening. The ladies were sitting in the yard by the pool, and Buddy was showing off the way he floats on a mat. When he got back to shore, he was totally full of himself, grabbed someone's votive candle, and ran around showing off. After finishing that trick, I noticed my wine glass (plastic for outdoors) had moved and it also had a long, pointed nose in it.

Of course, every party I have now starts with remembering how Buddy was the life of that occasion. What a dog!

Don't let the innocent look fool you.

But I a result of inviting people who love candles as much as I do and tend to buy generously, I have a huge stockpile of candles. It might rival my yarn stash, but the candle boxes are smaller, so they don't take up as much room. Lots of them are stashed in the bathroom closet, which makes it smell nice in there, so even if they don't get burned, it's okay.

The black hat is finished and drying from the quick washing I gave it. I think it came out much better; it fits me with plenty of room to spare, so should be great for its recipient. Speaking of him, on this night 21 years ago, I was preparing to welcome my first child into the world. Such a lot has happened since......

We won't see him on his birthday, but since the weather is predicted to improve, we will venture over the mountains on Sunday to see how he survived.

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