Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanskgiving Prep

Since we moved into the "big" house about 12 years ago, we have hosted most of the big family dinners. After all, that's why we picked the big dining room, wasn't it? I enjoy the preparation and having the family here and, after the first time, have managed to make pretty good food.

This morning I was making my shopping list and the page quickly filled with all of the ingredients I would need to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, complete with three or four desserts (the most important part, in my opinion).

After I made my list, I came in to my computer and made donations to two of our local food banks, Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline. I try to do this several times a year, but today I was thinking again about the troubling times we live in and how many more people are in need this year than usual. We are lucky enough to still be able to pay our bills, provide clothing, shelter, food, and college tuition for our kids, and spend a little money here and there on other essentials such as yarn, drop spindles, and fiber. I am counting my blessings which include health, a loving family,good friends, and a loyal dog. :)

I knit for charity as much as I can and also donate money. For years I volunteered in the schools, but now that our youngest is a senior, I have scaled back quite a bit, but I still feel the need to give back to the community. I think I'll look into the possibility of volunteering at the local food bank or doing some tutoring. If each one of us gave a few dollars or a few hours of time, what a difference that would make.

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