Friday, November 5, 2010

Traveling Woman

Another shawl I completed recently is the Traveling Woman (ravelry link.)  I wanted to make a gift for my cousin and thought this would be a good choice.  I used Wollmeise  100% superwash wool in the Rubin (WD) colorway and I think it came out very well.  After having to cast on a couple of times to get going correctly, I really didn't have any trouble with this project. (I know, what a surprise!)

My cousins live in Las Vegas where the Princess is in college, and they have helped out when she needed something, had her over for dinners, provided a place to stay when I come to town, etc.  The Princess had some health problems a couple of weeks ago and they again stepped up to drive her to an appointment and care for her, so I wanted to do something special.

She's doing well now; I ended up going there and spending a bunch of time with her, but all is going well at the moment.

So back to the shawl:  I worked on it on the plane, while I was staying with the Princess, during the week I was there waiting for her follow up appointment, and on the way back.  I finished it shortly after I got home.

Here it is:  I made four repeats of chart A and could have done another without running out of yarn, but I thought it was big enough.  It blocked out nicely and I hope it will be a pleasure to wear.  I might have to make another one for me.

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