Thursday, November 18, 2010

Palm Tree

We've had a palm tree growing in our back yard for a number of years.  Yes, we live in Seattle and yes, it's possible to grow certain palm trees and cactus' if you put them in the right location.  We planted a small windmill palm on the south side of our house right in front of the white brick wall and it liked it there.  Recently, DH decided that we needed to move it, since we really can't see out of our living room window any more!

So we didn't know what to do.  A couple years ago it seemed feasible for us to move it away from the house, but now - it's huge!  What to do?  Just cut it down?  These palms only grow from the top so you can't really prune them, only cut off dying or unwanted fronds from the lower trunk.   Then DH came up with an idea - sell it.  We called a landscaper we know but he didn't have use for it or know anyone who did.  So we looked on craigslist and sure enough there was another palm like ours (though in a pot) for sale.  We listed ours and within a couple of days had someone interested.

He's coming with some guys on Saturday to dig and move it.  Hopefully I can get some photos of that!

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