Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Day

This was a fun day.  Our Collegeboy is preparing to graduate from Central Washington University at the end of fall quarter and he has a job filming some of their football games for a local tv station.  So today DH and I decided to drive to Ellensburg to see him and see the game.  Those of you who have been faithful readers of my blog (hi, Dear!) may remember that I documented a road trip to this same destination about two years ago.  Ellensburg is a nice little college town on the dry side of the state.

We had a nice drive over this morning.  I got a couple of squares done on my sock yarn blanket on the ride over.

We got to the stadium and found seats.  It was really fun - a low tech stadium out in the middle of a field.  The stands are close enough to the field that you can hear the smack and crunch of the players running into each other (that wasn't my favorite part.)  The weather was cool but dry, the sun came out for awhile and it was really nice being there.  Our team won big and that was nice, too.  A few of the elements I liked:

My boy taking pictures:

The scenery just beyond the field:

The cheerleaders making a pyramid:

The boys with the flags running around after each touchdown:

The band:

Being warm because I was covered in knitted garments.  Here's what I was knitting and how I kept warm doing it:

The cute mascot:

The beautiful fall colors.

No photos of it but a great dinner with our boy and his roommate.  It's always a crack up to spend time with these guys.

The drive home wasn't so much fun.  Pouring rain + darkness + mountain pass = nervous passenger.  I'm glad to be home but I'm so glad we went.

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