Friday, November 12, 2010

Abstract Fiber!

Last night I went to Spinning Night at my LYS and met Susan, the dyer extraordinaire behind Portland-based Abstract Fiber.  You may have experienced this yarn or fiber at a fiber event, or heard about it if you listen to the Knitmore Girls podcast, and if so, you know how beautiful it is.  I sat and chatted with her for awhile and she is friendly, knows a lot about fiber and yarn (of course!) and is passionate about her colors.

She arrived in town with a ton of beautifully dyed fibers and yarns, and will take them with her when she leaves at the end of the weekend, so I thought I might as well pick up a couple of things.  Hey, I've been pretty good lately!  I asked her if she did much semi-solid dying, since the fibers piled on the table in front of us were mostly variegated.

I have lots of variegated fiber in my stash and, though I love it, was interested in spinning some yarn that was less stripy and/or barber-poled when finished.  She told me about a red that she had done and pointed me to a back table, where there were some more bags full of fibers.

Well, that was a problem.  Not only did I find the wonderful red in Polwarth, I also found a beautiful midnight blue in Merino/Silk.

Then she pointed out the small skeins of Cashmere and Silk.

Then she told me about the sock yarn with the cashmere in it.

Then I found the regular sock yarn.  Hey, Twin, if you're reading this, I think you have a member of your family who might like this color.  It's called Rockstar.

When I came home, my spinning bag was heavier, my wallet was lighter, but I was delighted with my purchases.  Now to get some of this stuff going.  I have to learn to use it, not just look at it!

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A :-) said...

What a haul!!! LOVE the fiber :-)