Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Return of Ice Gator

 As the snow falls, Ice Gator once again spots the young and tender Barbie, resting after a full day of snow surfing.

"Ahh, how peaceful it is here," she thinks.

Ice Gator approaches quietly, thinking of his Barbie-snack.

Watch out, Barbie!  You are being admired.

Closer, closer.....

What's this?  Tucked in Barbie's wetsuit was a freezer gun?

Barbie takes deadly aim.

She fires.

"Take that, Ice Gator!"  Whoosh!  Splat!  Whoosh!

Drat, I've been iced!

"That was a lot of work....

but not as much as it's going to be to get the gun back inside my wetsuit."

If I can only get back to my pool.

I'll get you next time, my pretty!

Written, produced, directed, and gnawed by Buddy, who didn't get to participate in the adventure this year.  No Ice Gators were harmed in the production of this photo essay.


Sporkful Designs said...

That is too funny! Very creative, and gave me the laugh I needed for today. Thanks! =)

mundomundano said...

Bienvenido a mi mundo paralelo.

A :-) said...

:-D That was hilarious!