Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The End of November

Well, I made it to the end of NaBloPoMo and blogged every day.  I don't claim to have said something worthwhile every day, or even many days, but my 30 days are up and hopefully I'll have rekindled the habit of blogging on a regular basis.

I was awake half of last night worrying about this weekend; I leave Saturday morning for Vegas and the half marathon is Sunday morning.  I know I've done all I can to be in shape and ready but still.....I have to worry about something!  I guess I'm tired, but I feel a bit melancholy or at least nostalgic for some reason.  Time is marching on; my collegeboy mailed in his application for graduate school today.  I'm so proud of him, but I can't believe my little boy will soon be a college graduate and then studying for his MFA.  He's lucky in knowing what he wants to do and having the passion to go after it.  I have to think that that's a rare quality, especially in young people.  I wish him luck even though I have total faith in him and will keep my fingers crossed until we have an answer in April.  Then when he gets in, we'll worry about paying for it!

So if I'm gone for a few days, I will certainly report back and let you know how the Princess and I did.  I know the experience will be fun, even though we won't be dressed as Elvis or be getting married at the run-through wedding chapel.

Wish us luck!


Kristi said...

Good Luck Laurie and to your daughter too. How fun to be running together. I'll be thinking of you on Sunday. Have fun. :)


A :-) said...

Laurie - sorry you got a spam comment - time to add the security feature.

Oh - and I think you should at least wear Elvis shades :-D Best of luck on the race - I'm sure you'll do great!!