Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Squishiest Yarn Ever

About three years ago, I received some fiber in a swap.  I was only learning to use a drop spindle then, so it went onto the fiber shelf.  Now that I have my wheel(s) going, I took out this fiber and put it onto my Ashford and decided to make some sock yarn.  Well, I think it was on that wheel for the better part of a year, and I finally finished it.  During the ensuing time, I learned that it was better to make sock yarn 3-ply and this was divided in half and going to be 2-ply, so I just finished it and decided to see what it would want to be when it was done.

The spinning was worsted style and seemed to be pretty fine.  I plyed it a week or so ago and skeined it up.  When I counted the wraps on my niddy noddy, it seemed like I had something like 700+ yards...out of 4.5 oz of fiber.  I will double check that when I wind it into a ball, but there's a lot of yarn, nevertheless.  It's Allspunup merino and the color is a mixture of blue, gray, and brown.

It's what happened when I washed it that amazed me.  I've spun and washed yarn before, but it always came out looking pretty much like it did when it started.  This yarn fluffed up a lot and when it dried became the squishiest, fluffiest yarn I've ever made.  Considering that it was supposed to be smooth, tightly twisted sock yarn, it missed the mark by quite a bit.  Not that I'm unhappy; it will probably be a shawl or maybe a scarf now.  It's soft and warm and...did I mention squishy?


This spinning never ceases to amaze me.

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