Sunday, January 22, 2017

We interrupt our previously scheduled surgery updates...

for a little bit of knitting which is also political commentary.

You probably noticed that I mentioned knitting Pussyhats in the last couple of weeks.  I know I was knitting one before I went into surgery and worked on it some more afterwards.  Note:  I'm sure this was the hat that I messed up and had to do over but that probably would have happened without simultaneous drugs and pain.  Anyway, I ended up with four hats.  The process of knitting them was interesting and I tweaked the pattern every time, so kept a little bit of interest up.  They also came out totally different sizes due to adjustments in needle size and how much yarn I had.  Whatever!  I finally finished.

My sister planned to go to the Womxn's March in Seattle so I managed to finish up the hats in time to meet up with her following my post-op appointment on Thursday.  I'll tell you how that went next time.  See how I keep you coming back?

I, of course, wasn't able to go to the march, although I really I wish I could have.  History being made!  My pathetically low energy level right now wouldn't have seen me through the probably 6-7 hours on my feet.  So my four hats marched proudly on my sister and three strangers, who rocked them!

These photos were taken at the bus stop, where folks were patiently waiting as they tried to get to the march gathering spot.  As an estimated three times the expected 50,000 people were all trying to get to the same place, buses were few and far between and crowded when they arrived.  I couldn't find a really representative photo of the crowd, but like this one.  Our iconic Smith Tower is in the background and the amazing blue sky shows up.  Our pretty much constant rain of the last few days took Saturday off.

I was so happy to be represented in even a tiny way on such a momentous day.  My heart, my handiwork, and my lovingly-collected wool were all there.

I am proud to personally know so many women who marched in multiple cities, including London!  We must stand up for our rights and everyone's rights and these beautiful, peaceful, pink marches were a wonderful start and a total inspiration.

I love the contrast photos of the Capitol Mall.  Relatively empty during the Inauguration and full and lively during the Women's March.  March on! Stand up for what you believe!

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