Monday, January 16, 2017

Exciting Weekend!

Good Monday to everyone!  I'm feeling better every day although I had  a rough day last week, but decided that it was the pain medication/laxative combo to blame and I cut those out.  I still, of course, have a long way to go to heal up, but bruises are fading and I'm feeling stronger.  The areas around the incisions are still sensitive but getting better all the time.

Saturday the Princess and I planned for a few visitors, but were mostly planning to watch the Seahawks (lose, boo!) and nap, which was working fine for us most days.  Instead, we had Grandma, Grandpa, Julie, Robin, and our local kids with the grandbaby, who kindly provided lunch.  The nice little visit was progressing when the front door opened and in walked Mr Hollywood, which was a total surprise.  I've been so blessed to have the great company and care of my sister and my Princess, but having all the kids here together to see me was such a boost!  The out-of-towners are leaving today but we've had the nicest time.  Getting a few heavier/awkward chores done by the taller one was an added bonus.

Grandma and Grandpa don't get to see these two very often.

All the kiddos plus grandbaby (whose parents don't want his face online).  He's totally rocking his Gramps cardigan, though!

Ma and her little chicks.

We drove into town for a surprise visit to Pat, who I hadn't seen since leaving the hospital.  He's doing well and looking good.

The mask is for protection against any and all unwanted germs and seems to be working well so far.  He's walking a mile or so at a time and progressing nicely in his recovery.  I have to step up my game to keep up with him.  I keep thinking that a walk around the lake will happen, but so far I haven't made that distance.  Maybe today, before it starts to rain later.

It was still frozen and beautiful at sunrise today.

All in all, good spirits, good care, good progress.  Back to knitting PussyHats.  I still have at least two more to make.

Thanks again for your interest and good wishes and donations so far to the NW Kidney Center.  The page is still up if you've been meaning to but haven't gotten to it yet.

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MelThomas said...

So glad you are both recovering well and how fun to have all the family there!