Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

The first day of 2017 and it's now just a hop, skip, and a jump to surgery.  We are excited but nervous; hoping that the advice of "you'll feel like you got hit by a truck on Thursday" is a gross exaggeration. Neither one of us has had major abdominal surgery before and we know it won't be a walk in the park but we're both strong and healthy and are expecting to have good results and smooth recoveries.

We realized today that next Sunday we'll be watching football in separate places with brand new scars on our tummies.  Something to look forward to!

I wanted to share a link on here in case anyone reading here is interested.  We have set up a donation page at the Northwest Kidney Centers and hope to raise some money for their education fund.  Diabetes is one of the most common reasons for kidney failure and in a lot of cases it is avoidable or reversible with lifestyle changes.  The Kidney Center does a lot of education on diet and exercise choices that can help avoid the misery of kidney failure.  We hope to help them in patient education and advocacy and also try to raise awareness of living organ donation.  You can check us out here.  Donations are much appreciated.

We had a lovely weekend full of friends and family.  And knitting!  The weather has turned cold, so I paused in my gift hat knitting to make one for myself.  I don't think I look good in knit hats, but walking here is unpleasant without something on your head, so I gave it a go.  I used some Spiffy from The Plucky Knitter that I had left from a shawl and had just enough for a hat and pompom.  It's soft and lightweight and was great on our walk around the lake today.

We had some good friends over yesterday for an early New Year's Eve party.  We watched the UW Huskies lose to Alabama (boo!) and then had dinner.  It snowed off and on, so they got on the road to head home fairly early.  I remembered that we had some Japanese wishing lanterns left from the Princess' wedding and we decided that this was a good time to send some good thoughts into the universe.  We went on to the dock, lit one, and watched it sail high into the sky with some of our wishes for a healthy and happy year.  Unfortunately, the wind came up and it turned sideways and then came down in the water, but I'm sure it was up long enough to get our wishes out there!

The other morning the ice on the railing panels was just beautiful.  There's so much beauty in nature!

All best wishes for a happy and healthy year for you all.  I might get to one more entry before the surgery if I have anything to say.  We will be notified on Tuesday what time to show up for surgery on Wednesday and it's probably going to be first thing in the morning.  Too keyed up to sleep much now, probably too painful to sleep for awhile, so maybe I'll get a lot of knitting done in the coming days!  One can only hope.

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TheSima said...

You're wrong, you look adorable in that knit hat!! :)