Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday's Garden - autumn version

Yesterday I actually got out into the garden to do some work; today I went out to pick some last tomatoes, rasperries, fill the bird feeders, and take some photos. In the spring I documented the blooming of the famous driveway pink dogwood trees, now it seems only appropriate that I follow the progress from green to red.

While I was out, I decided to photograph some of the other pretty colors in the yard. I like the contrast between the evergreens and the deciduous trees here - it seems to make the colors stand out even more.

Here's one of our japanese maples in front of the laurel hedge:

And a big-leaf maple in front of another one that hasn't started to turn yet. There are also some big fir trees back there.

This is my little red smoke tree that's been transplanted a couple of times in front of one of the nandinas. Nice contrast.

Back to knitting, I find that I still have projects that I haven't documented here, so here goes. I showed the beginnings of the child's raglan sweater I made, and also a half-finished tulip sweater in a previous post. Here are the finished objects:

I had quite a bit of yarn left when I finished this sweater, so made some little mittens to match. The sweater will go for my new baby cousin, and I'm hoping his big sister will enjoy the mittens.

I also test-knit a hat for my pal, Cathy-Cate. The yarn was soft and beautiful, but the hat came out to be child-sized. It will be warm and snuggly for some little person this winter. You can find several versions of the hat on her blog.

And finally, my progress on Mystery Stole 4. This is my stole up through clue 3. I've slowed down a bit on this project - I think the whole thing looks a little busy when all put together, but I'll probably go ahead and finish. I can't see taking out all the work I've done, especially all of those beads. Looking at this, I realize what a long way I have to go!

All for now - Happy Sunday!


Jackie said...

The fall color in your yard is beautiful!

The knitting is fantastic as well. I especially love how the gloves match the sweater. They're so cute!

Samsara said...

Aren't the colours of autumn beautiful? I just don't like the temperature!!
I love that rainbow cardigan aswell!