Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay, so I pat myself on the back sometimes for my charity knitting. I do it because I like to try new patterns, designs, and techniques while helping others. One of my first charities was afghans for Afghans, to which I still contribute as much as possible, and another was the Red Scarf Project. I've donated to this worthy cause twice and sent scarves the last two years.

This year I dutifully chose some beautiful, bulky, warm, red yarn and started making a scarf. I knew that the scarves had to be mailed during September and October, and I was way ahead. Since scarves are easy I decided to design my own, making a combination of cables and ribbing. I can't remember the exact progression, but I started this scarf about four times, ripping it out for one reason or another: The cable was too big, the stockinette wasn't even, the edges rolled up too much, the yarn was too thick for the pattern, etc., etc. You get the idea. I finally hit upon a pattern that worked well and was easy - knit, yo, k2tog, repeat. It made a lace pattern that wasn't too open, laid flat, and looked pretty good. In between other projects, I continued on my scarf.

Then came the problem. A few days ago I went to the Red Scarf Fund website to double-check the due date, which I was sure was the end of October. It wasn't - it was the 15th of October and all of the scarves had to have been sent in by then.

I'm hoping that there was as large a response to this project as there has been the past two years, because my red scarf is still in Seattle.

My scarf will be the first one there next year.

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Cathy-Cate said...

Did you see this, just up?

Send it in! (This means I still have time, too...)