Saturday, October 4, 2008

Knitting Roundup

I've been bad about posting knitting content lately. I looked back and it seems to have been August when I last mentioned that all-consuming obsession of mine. I guess I've been too busy knitting to talk or write about it. So let's see how the summer wrapped up.

Summer of Socks: I ended up with five pairs, which is very good for me. I think I already mentioned all but the last pair: My Lacy Rib socks. I started these socks at The Loopy Ewe's Spring Fling last April. There was a sock design class given by the inimitable Cookie A.

Cookie was fun to meet and full of energy and good ideas. We all picked out a pattern or two from a stitch dictionary and began. It took me awhile, but I finally got the pattern organized over the right number of stitches, using the right size needles, and finished my socks. They're quite simple but I like them. I used Zen String Bambewe in the Blue Norther colorway. I love this yarn. I'm not sure if I got it from The Loopy Ewe or Zen String directly, but it's great.

My five pairs of socks in all their glory. I made the mistake of putting them in an available spot of sunlight on the carpet that day, and well, you know what happens. Buddy had to show how that spot should really be used.

How can dogs go to sleep so fast? He's resting his cheek on the Spring Forward socks, which are pretty comfy.

I'm working on Mystery Stole 4. I'd put a link, but it's too late to sign up this year. This is another learning opportunity for me, as I've never worked with beads before and beads are required on this stole. I'm using Chewy Spaghetti laceweight yarn in the Sullen colorway, which has beautiful hints of blue and lavender when you look closely. My beads are No. 8 seed beads in a dark sapphire rainbow color. They're shiny and subtly different in shade. I got them from the Beadwrangler, who has wonderful, quick shipping and reasonable prices. Here's my progress through Clue 2.

I'm off tomorrow for a week in the desert, so hope to make some good progress on it then. I'm a little behind, as Clue 5 came out last Friday, and I'm still on Clue 3. Oh well, it's not a race.

Speaking of races, our Dishrag Tag team, Phaster than Phelps, wasn't. The last I checked, 10 teams had finished and we weren't one of them. Our box should arrive today at the end point. It was fun; our team wasn't as chatty or involved as last year's, but it's still a fun game. Here's the box as it was getting ready to leave my house.

Well, I've used up the time I gave myself to spend on blogging today, so I'll have to finish my knitting wrap-up next time. We're scheduled for a few more days of rain, so it's a good time to head south.

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Cathy-Cate said...

Laurie, this is kind of scary. Guess who also has Chewy Spaghetti laceweight in the Sullen colorway. From the Loopy Ewe.
I don't THINK we've talked about this one before!

Mine is kind of mentally earmarked for a FrostFlowers & Leaves something.

The Mystery Stole is looking cool, just as you said!

My DishRag Tag team this year was kind of the same experience as yours (though we did place fourth -- "Dishin' It Out"). The person after me never posted in the forums, and the person before me only once; neither used tracking #s, etc., and no blogs, so hard to keep track or feel as involved in the box progress. But it was still fun, there were some great teammates, and Emily seems to be a sweetheart, doesn't she? At Sock Camp, I met a high school classmate and still friend of hers -- that was fun!

Have fun drying out and warming up in the desert!