Friday, September 14, 2007

The Yarn Harlot Rocks!

Yes, tonight I was there amongst the hundreds of knitters at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It was great, although I always manage to sit behind someone with too much hair. That's Stephanie behind the podium in the dark; I obviously need a new camera, too. Don't worry, better pictures are to come.

Stephanie is hilarious. I've seen her twice, and she's engaging, earnest, self-deprecating, and funny. But she manages to get her message of this "represent" tour across, illustrated by many examples, the least of which is the ease by which she raised over $300,000 for Doctors Without Borders by simply asking knitters to donate. Knitters are a force to be reckoned with! Knitters are people from all walks of life, and when spurred to action can accomplish just about anything.

Anyway, this time I waited around to get my book signed, and this is what amazed me. Here is a woman who has traveled for hours, speaks for an hour in the evening, then sits for at least two more so she can sign books and converse with hundreds of people. Stephanie doesn't just sign your book. She looks at each person, answers questions, takes photos, poses for more, and shows genuine interest in every comment and proffered piece of knitting. Each person feels as if she (or he) is the only one in the room. And what's even more amazing is the people waiting in line don't seem to mind. They knit, chat, and patiently wait for their turn. It was great.

Thanks to Cheryl for being an awesome photographer.

In other news, I need to thank Sarah-Hope for the super goodies she sent me in our Cotton Commandoes Sister Swap. I got two beautiful dishrags, a skein of pretty self-striping kitchen cotton, and two balls of sock yarn. And look at the cool note card with the knitter on it. So cute! Thanks so much for everything.

More yarn was received this week, and of course more was purchased but I'll update with the photos another day. Time to do some chillin'.

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LAURA said...

Hi Laurie!!!

How are you?? There's been a while since I wrote you. How is everyone?? Today I had the firts much and we won but we dind't play very well...

This days we're hosting a german student and she is leaving on wednesday. I like having her,it reminds me when I was in your house!!! and also do plans that I usually don't do like you!! This afternoon we're going on a boat along the bay and I haven't been there since I was a child!I'm practising my work as a guide so I'll be able to do it better when you come here!!

Today I wrote Pat about the restaurants he asked me for, I know that is really late but my memory is awful...I hope his friend hasn't already been here...

I hope everything is ok,

best wishes,