Saturday, September 29, 2007

New socks, old socks

I ran across news of a contest on this blog (it's so cool how you can be reading a blog, pick up a link to another, and end up referring to a blog you never heard of before). Be that as it may, I decided to participate, partly because of the sock posting I did here already. Also, I realized that I left one pair out of my group photo, so I'll remedy that sometime. The contest is to post a photo of the first sock you made and the last sock you made. I had DD help with setting up the photo, and we got one shot before the camera's battery went pfffft. So here it is.

The blue socks are the first I ever made, using Bollicine Baby Night and a beginners stockinette pattern from Knit Socks! I made them when I first started knitting, about 3 years ago. They're warm and snuggly and I usually just wear them around the house. The colorful socks are Monkeys. I just finished them last week. The yarn is Zen String Harmony in the Opal colorway. So there you go!


LAURA said...

Hi Laurie!!!

I'm here again!!I'm Laura!

How are you??and how are the others?Here everything goes very well, although yesterday I had a chemistry exam and I went to bed very late so I'm very tired...

Today we went to a basque show to see how they record it. In that way we earn some money for our school trip.

This saturday the San Sebastian fil festival finished. This year came a lot of famous people such as Richard Gere (so my mum was crazy!), Demi Moore, Alisa Millano, Samuel L.Jackson... The city was full of people.

Are you on your autum holidays?? I'd like to be also on holidays but we just started school 3-4 weeks ago so till Christmas we don't have any holidays, just a few days of fiesta.

I'm trainning a group of girls of 13-14 years and it is very funny!!



Laura said...

Oh and I nearly forgot!

How is Pat??Does he feel better?