Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Organization and Inspiration, continued

I'm not necessarily feeling more organized, but I am feeling a tiny bit inspired and also inspirational. I've been trying to figure out what to send to Marcia for our backwards-dishrag-swap, and during the night the answer came to me. It's a secret, and it'll take a little more time to organize (there's that word again), but I feel so relieved! The decision is over.

We had a barbeque here over Labor Day weekend, with lots of longtime friends from the old neighborhood, and some new friends from the new neighborhood. A couple of the women asked me about my knitting, so I took them inside to show off some of the projects I've been working on; mystery stole, dishrags, hats for charity, red scarf for charity, and then I showed them the one Monkey sock I've finished. That brought to mind the other socks I've done, and I got one each of most of the pairs I've made out to show them. They were impressed, and I was, too. There were more than I realized I'd made, and they looked pretty good.
They decided that socks looked like fun, and even the woman who doesn't knit was thinking that she might take a class! I passed out copies of a generic sock recipe I have, showed them my knitting books, and they were happy. Later the husbands wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and they were impressed, too, although no one asked to learn how to do it.

Here's my mom, sister, and friend from the old neighborhood.

DD and friends.
There was some gabbing around the pool going on. It was a lovely day (can't count on Seattle weather on Labor Day) and a good time was had by all.

Last week, we had our book club meeting at a member's cabin overlooking Puget Sound. We had a wonderful time out on her deck (see the book? see my knitting on the table?) It was a serious meeting - those just look like Margaritas!

Then the moon came up over the water. I wish I had a better camera. Let's see, when's my birthday?

More yarn came, more yarn came! All Things Heather in Rust and Midnight Frost, and Louet Gems in Neptune. As I commented on another blog, I think self-control is overrated, but I admire it in others.....


Sarah-Hope said...

Wow! What magnificant bunch of socks. I'm very impressed.


Lisa said...

Hello - Your socks are inspiring, indeed! I just stopped by to say hello - I am part of dishrag tag; not your team of course, but saw that you are from WA so thought I'd give you a northwesterly hello-there, dishrag comrade!