Friday, September 28, 2007

In the Eye of the Beholder

In preparation for the 85th birthday party we will have for my mom in just over a week, we've been readying the house; cleaning carpets and windows, painting stairs and hallway, and just generally trying to tidy up. This caused a look at some artwork hanging in the hall, which led to a project that involved reframing and rearranging several pieces. This led to having a space with nothing in it, which caused us to go to the pile of high school artwork our son had left in the basement when he went to college last year. He has always been artistic and has taken art classes off and on, so we had a selection of work to choose from. We ended up reframing one piece that we had displayed previously (orange girl) and finding an abstract piece that I really liked and having that framed. Here they are: (click on each to see larger.)

It was hard to photograph them accurately in the hallway at night, but I did my best. Here they are actually hanging; that was harder due to the narrow hall. But I think he has a certain style and creativity that I enjoy, and I'm happy to show off his work. When he was here a couple of weeks ago with his roommates, they picked up a bunch of his other drawings and paintings to take back to their house with them, too. You can't beat original artwork!

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