Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heated Up

I flew into Palm Desert on Sunday to join DH for a few weeks.  We had had a couple of really nice days at home (60 F!) but I was looking forward to a little bit more sunshine.  Well, I got my wish and it looks like this is the warmest part of the country at the moment.  Yesterday was 103, today will be the same, then we'll start to cool off into the upper 90s.  Not exactly what I was expecting, but who am I to complain?  At this time of year the sun goes down early and the nights cool off so it's much nicer than it was here in August or early September.  Knitting on small projects by the pool was never better!

I had to fly in via San Francisco, which is always dicey due to possible weather issues.  True enough, our flight was scheduled to be delayed due to cloud cover, then suddenly put back on track when the weather cleared.  I saw a cool shadow of the plane in the bay as we approached.

I didn't have to change planes as we were scheduled to leave in about 45 minutes after landing.  That didn't work out so well...the crew closed the doors and we pushed back from the gate, taxied a little bit, then waited and waited.  Looking out the window into the bay as other jets approached and landed was exciting.

There was a long line of planes waiting to take off.  We sat and sat and finally the pilot announced that we were waiting for the Blue Angels to land and then we could leave.  They flew by, landed 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and we were able to leave.

Flying out, San Francisco looked like a fairy kingdom in the clouds.  My photos don't capture quite how cool it looked, but I tried.

As I turned my camera to airplane mode, it gave me a message about not taking pictures on takeoff and landing.  Oops.

I knit quite a bit on a gift sock I'm making on the flight.  The handy tray table clips are nice for pattern holders if your pattern isn't too big.

I think my twin, Cathy, mentioned this idea in one of her posts awhile ago, too.  Great minds continue to think alike!

I'm working on lightweight items here in the heat; the socks, the reinvented Pi shawl that I ripped out after the fair project disaster, and I started a couple of new projects.  Surprise!  The Pi shawl now is going to be the Gull Wings version of the EZ anniversary shawl. Of course, I already got distracted and made the 144 stitch section one repeat larger than the pattern calls for, but I don't think anyone will notice.

This is a skein of Wollmeise lace that came from the sale in the shop last summer.  It's much darker than this photo shows; dark grey-blue and charcoal.  It's an unnamed skein and completely beautiful.

I had a lovely skein of yarn that I had spun last year and I wanted to make a shawl that would highlight the color progression that I have.

I decided to make the Holden Shawlette and so far I like it.  The fiber (nummanumma's Alpaca/Merino blend) is incredibly light and soft and I'm enjoying the knitting so far as I watch the subtle change in colors.

All for now.  Almost time to go to the pool!

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A :-) said...

Lot's of projects for you! Great photos from the plane :-) I'm just reading Mennonite in a Little Black Dress right now - did you like it?