Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Did you jump onto this bandwagon, too?

A month or so ago, I read about a new pattern book that was available for pre-order.  It was called Coastal Knits and is a collaboration between Hannah Fettig and Alana Dakos.  I listen to Alana's podcast, Never Not Knitting, and have planned to make Hannah's Featherweight Cardigan for some time.  Somewhat unusually for me, I went to the website, looked at the information on this new book, and immediately ordered it.  The pre-order came with advance copies of two patterns, and discount codes for each of the designer's websites.  The pattern I liked immediately was the Rocky Coast Cardigan.

A KAL started on Ravelry in the Coastal Knits group almost immediately.  This was in the first part of September, and the book wasn't scheduled to ship until October 15th.  I joined up, searched the stash for some appropriate yarn, and plunged ahead.  I have a bunch of red Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn that I've been waiting to use.  It tried to be a pullover sweater some years ago, but there was a problem with huge sleeves and it ended up back in balls in the storage bin.  I decided it would be perfect for this project.  I swatched and got started.  The sweater has lots of cables, but it really isn't a difficult pattern.

The pattern calls for some positive ease, and as I knitted I found out why.  The yarn I used combined with all the cables resulted in a lot of pulling in of the garment.  The body was okay, but when I picked up stitches and started the first sleeve, it was soon apparent that it was going to be too tight.  I ripped it back and picked up more stitches and knit it again.  I didn't decrease as much as was called for and it worked out pretty well. The yarn is super soft and warm and it will be a great sweater if it stretches just a tiiiiiny bit more so I can wear it with a shirt with sleeves!   I tried it on for the photos the day I left for the desert, and it's waiting at home for me.

The book should also be waiting at home for me by now, and I look forward to starting some of the other patterns in it.

In other news, this roadrunner was sitting on our patio this morning and the hummingbirds didn't like it at all.

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