Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Here in Seattle, we normally have very moderate weather, but not right now. In keeping with much of the country, we are living with snow, ice, and cold temperatures. In fact, I'm looking at icicles hanging from the gutter outside my window. They're quite pretty. And right now, I'm looking out at snow; falling from the sky in small, gentle flakes, blanketing the trees, shrubs, and driveway. I like it. I don't have anywhere I have to go tonight. The Princess is gnashing her teeth since she'd like to be with her friends and unfortunately for her there's to be no more driving today.

This is what I've been looking at the past few days:

I love the powdered sugar look of the snow on these seeds, which are still hanging on the strawberry tree.

I've been working on some knitted gifts. I finished the first a few days ago and presented it to its recipient. She seemed to like it.

Aran Scarf from the booklet, Knitting Scarves
Yarn used: Misti Cotton
Needles: Size 9 US

I've made this scarf before with Cascade 220 Superwash, and I like how it looks. This one is very soft.

I also finished my Forest Canopy Shawl in record time. DH told me we would be attending his office holiday party, so I cast it on. Barely a week later, I had my shawl finished and wore it to the event. I made three extra repeats, and it was nice to wear over my shoulders and tied slightly off center. It also worked well with my winter coat.

Forest Canopy Shawl
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, Wild Cherry colorway
Needles: Size 7 US

Remember this?
My tiny, first bit of yarn that I spun in the drop spindle class I took. Well, I went back to the LYS and got a couple more ounces of this BFL so I could practice. I got it all spun up (no photo documentation) and I decided to make something out of it, even though the yarn was so incredibly badly made it was almost funny. Thick and thin is one thing, but when some of it was the consistency of sock yarn and some was bulky, then it was all plied together....Well, it wasn't too pretty. I didn't have enough to make much of anything, but I managed this headband.

Not the most attractive item of apparel, but I wore it on a 5K walk I did last weekend and it worked just fine. I'll keep this to gauge how far my spinning has come when (if?) it improves. Actually, I am doing better but I am definitely not a natural. I'm working at it.

All for now. I plan to knit by the fire tonight and enjoy the view. I hope the gnashing doesn't get too loud.


Tava said...

Can you believe this? It is so crazy! It just keeps coming. Noah and I are going totally crazy. Did you hear me fall in the driveway twice this morning? I was saying "ouch" pretty loudly on an otherwise silent morning.

A :-) said...

Your yarn is coming along!! And see, even when you think it's wonky, when you knit it up, it's fabulous. Well done!!

You guys have as much snow as we do - just wild.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Fling. :-)

intelligence said...
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