Thursday, December 4, 2008

Too Many WIPs, Not Enough FOs

Too many ideas, not enough time. Too many beginnings, not enough endings. You can see where I'm going with this.

I've never really gotten frazzled by the idea of holiday knitting. There haven't been that many people who've requested hand-knit items and I sure don't want to go to all the trouble to have my hard work underappreciated. So, unlike the lovely and talented Yarn Harlot, I don't tend to get into a frenzy.

Until now. I'm threatening to frenzy, just a bit.

Here's the scorecard: I decided to make a few items for gifts. I won't be too specific, but I had planned a couple of weeks ago to make three things. They are in progress. Then the Princess "sort of" asked for a scarf in Seahawks colors, since she works at the football games and it's getting really cold. So I put other things aside and made her scarf.

Then I got caught up in the Noro scarf craze, and found some Cash Island on closeout. It feels a lot softer than the Silk Garden does. Maybe DH would like a scarf? That's waiting to be cast on.

Then, after saying that we wouldn't go to the annual company holiday party, DH announced last night that he decided it was okay to go after all. Well, last year I wore my MS3 Swan Lake stole to the party and thought I needed another appropriate knit wrap for this year. We're being a little more casual this year, so I decided black pants, black blouse or sweater, and red shoes would work. For over my shoulders? I need a red scarf or shawl. My flower basket shawl is purple; won't go with red shoes. Answer? Cast on for a Forest Canopy with a skein of Cherry Tree Hill in the Wild Cherry colorway. Perfect, but now this has to be on the front burner because it has to be done in just over a week. Will I make it? Stay tuned.

In the meantime, spin, spin, spin until decent yarn is made. Still not perfect, but getting a heck of a lot closer.

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