Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter Wonderland Part II

I like snow as a novelty, but if I wanted to walk around with snow up to my knees, I'd move to North Dakota. Hello, this is Seattle...... Today it's finally warming up to the mid 30s, so the heavy snow sitting in all the big fir trees is starting to melt and drop. Sometimes the limb drops with it. I'm going to stay inside the house.

Here's the snow on the roof. It's tile and steep, so no one's going up to shovel it off.

Collegeboy and the Princess agreed to pose.

Buddy has to leap around like a rabbit. He likes it!

It is pretty, I have to admit it.

Time to shovel a little bit of the driveway!

Buddy, did you catch that rat yet?

The sun came out for awhile one day.

But not for long.

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