Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It seems like I just keep knitting along on one thing or another (make that and another - project monogamy bores me) and once in awhile have to stop and realize that I have actually made progress on something.

An FO! Or two!
These are my Tofutsies socks, just done in plain stockinette, cuff down. I bought this yarn at Beehive Wool Shop in beautiful Victoria, BC last May when we were there for the Victoria Day parade. I think I actually started socks from this yarn listening to the Yarn Harlot when she visited Seattle last fall. I frogged that beginning, started over with a real pattern, tried to keep track of it while watching the Princess play basketball, frogged that, and started over in plain stockinette. I finally finished and like them fine.

My other projects include the Wave and Shell shawl, which I'm making for the afghans for Afghans new mothers campaign with a July deadline. If you have some extra time and like making stole-style shawls, you might consider this. I've contributed items for babies and children in Afghanistan since I first learned to knit, and think this is such a worthwhile cause. It's also a good way to use up leftover wool yarn and to learn new techniques while making small items of clothing. Here's the shawl progress; I'm using Debbie Bliss Merino DK and plan to block it pretty hard, but there's still a long way to go.
I finished the body of my Kauni cardigan some time ago, then got up the courage to cut some steeks and made a sleeve.
The Kauni's in time out right now while I work on the lightweight cardigan I'm doing. I'm also going to have to do some playing with the yarn and decide if I want to try to match the sleeves. I still have about half of the yarn I started with, so I should have plenty for the other sleeve, neckline, and probably a hat or mittens.

The Printed Silk Cardigan has been getting my attention lately. I finished most of the back and fronts and started on the sleeves. I'm participating in a Ravelry KAL for this, so like to have some progress done each week to show. It's a a good way to keep on track.

The last things I have actively going are some experimental socks, two on two circs, toe-up, basic ribbed pattern. I already frogged them once due to a technical difficulty, but they're back on track. They're Encore DK, so soft and easy to take care of. They'll probably be for Mom. They just look kind of dark here, but the color is really a pretty blue with some green in it.

Don't forget - Summer of Socks starts Saturday.

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