Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Getting Ready

for the Summer of Socks. I have an idea how to make this extra fun for me (doesn't take much to amuse me). I got out all of the sock club sock yarn that I have (the ones that came with patterns) and made little kits for myself to use. I don't even know how many months of sock club yarn I've received (many of the yarns didn't come with patterns), but I've only knitted two yarns soon after they arrived. I made the Zen String Serendipity Sport Evening Sun colorway into the Spindle Socks, and in March I immediately made the Swirls socks from the Loopy Ewe club. I wanted to take those with me to the Spring Fling, so I got right on them. I've collected many patterns and many yarns, and I'm thinking this will be a good way to get some of these done. Then today on the Summer of Socks group on Ravelry, I saw that some people wanted to do a KAL using some variety of Monkey pattern. Of course I had to jump on that bandwagon! I chose a beautiful skein of Perchance to Knit yarn that I bought at The Loopy Ewe quite awhile ago and wound it. (It worked fine, I'm pleased to report.) See below for winding problems....I think these will be the socks I begin on June 21st. I'm not setting a goal for how many socks will get finished by September 1st and I still have a few other projects going, but we'll see. The Printed Silk Cardigan will have to continue, since that's a KAL, and I'm working on a shawl for a July deadline for afghans for Afghans. I also want to get my Kauni cardigan finished. So lots to do! Good thing it's SO FREAKING COLD here that knitting with wool is a pleasure.

And we won't forget the Pi shawl that I babbled on about last time. I decided I really didn't like using the cotton yarn for it, not to mention the fact that I managed to get it messed up again, so I thought I'd just quickly wind my lovely skein of Chewy Spaghetti laceweight that's been waiting for the right project. I had a little trouble with it. And after a week, it didn't look much better.

I finally got as much wound as I have patience for, weighed it, and discovered that 3.75 oz out of 4 have been salvaged. I guess that will have to do for now, and I learned a lesson about blithely winding yarn that's falling off the swift. Not a good idea. I think it will make a lovely Pi .

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