Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I believe in climate change

But it's not supposed to happen in one day!

Here in the Seattle area, in the last week, we've had beautiful clear skies with temperatures in the 80s, light breezes, and generally our idea of wonderful summer weather. Then, in a matter of a day, or sometimes only hours, we are treated to humidity, drizzle, still-warm temperatures, thunderstorms, heavy cloudbursting rain and a now grand temperature of 50. Planning daily activities becomes somewhat of a challenge unless you are always prepared to sit indoors or outdoors and knit!

I've finished about half of my first Waving Lace sock, and finally had an "aha" moment when starting over on the lace pattern for about the fourth time. I realized that when I looked at the chart, all the purl symbols lined up; therefore, each row's pattern had to have the purls on top of the other purls. Suddenly there was clarity and my knitting flew along. It was fun to see the pattern emerge, and look like the picture in the book. What a relief!

So, of course, then I had to cast on my Victorian Lace sock for the Six Socks Knitalong. I'm using Panda Wool in Misty Greens. I think it will show up the lace pattern well. I'm experimenting by casting on the 64 it calls for, but using a smaller needle. I have trouble getting socks to be tight enough, so I just knit awhile and try it on.

Why do I feel the intense need to start something new when one project is going well? Is it multi-tasking, obsession, or scatterbrainedness?

Now to begin the gardening portion of the blog, I am happy to report that strawberries are ripening, there will be great crops of garlic and raspberries this year, and the tomatoes and basil are looking good so far. The rest of the vegetable garden has been given over to dahlias, which are so beautiful in late summer and fall.

Here's how the driveway looked a few days ago before the torrential rains. The flowering trees and shrubs have been beautiful this year.


zippiknits said...

I believe in climate change too. Record cold that killed succulent gardens this far south (San Diego) were our last winter surprise.

Your surrounds are beautiful. I've been wanting to move North for half a century.

Bette said...

Interesting to know.