Saturday, June 23, 2007

Call me Captain

I get to be a Team Captain for Dishrag Tag. The power! The responsibility! I hope I can fulfill my duties in a competent manner. PTA President is nothing compared to this...

Seriously, it will be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to meeting my team members online (they're from all across the country). Actually making the dishrag will probably be the smallest part. I've never made one, but I imagine it will only take a few hours. Maybe I should start training now so I won't let the team down by being any slower than usual.

I'm training for Mystery Stole now. In addition to the Victorian Lace and Waving Lace socks I've been working on, I started the Branching Out Scarf from I'm making it with Handmaiden Camelspin, which felt so soft when I picked it up that I couldn't resist it. I thought the color was beautiful, too; a variegated mix of chocolate brown, black, and blue. Yum! I got it at Beehive Wool on a recent trip to Victoria, BC. What a beautiful and friendly store!I'm waiting for the actual yarn I ordered for the Mystery Stole to come in the mail; hopefully by Monday. I want to swatch it and be ready to go when the first clue is posted on Friday.

Now on to the garden and a yoga workshop with Felicity Green this afternoon.

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Cathy-Cate said...

Well, the dishrag is like a tiny baby blanket, so I think you'll be fine! Just that cotton is hard to work with for long, but a dishcloth doesn't take too much time!
Hi, Cap'n, ma'am!
On your team -- also in MS3 as is Susan (haven't checked out the other blogs yet). These are my first two "group projects" -- looking forward to them!