Sunday, July 9, 2017

Six Months Snuck Up on Us

July 4th was six months post surgery.  As we were visiting with my sister and brother-in-law and waiting for nightfall and fireworks, Pat realized what the date was and what it meant.  I guess it's good that we feel so relatively normal that we're not counting down the days!

Things have been going well in general.  Pat had another problem with low white count but a medication adjustment, a shot, and a few days put him back into the safe range again.  Other than that and still feeling like going to sleep at 8:30, we're good.  The champagne was a celebratory prop; we don't really drink any more. 😉


Our six month check up will be on July 17th, so I'll report on that in a couple of weeks.  Steve and Janis (our exchange partners) have their check ups on the 13th and we're going to meet them for lunch that day.  It will be nice to catch up and get eyes on our respective former kidneys!

In other news, I finished my Kimba Shawl and think it's beautiful.  I really like how the colors work in it.

I haven't finished Russel Street yet, but it's getting close.  The remaining yarn ball is also getting small, but I have a plan in case I run out before the final mini stripes are done.  Yarn chicken....

It's Tour de Fleece again - a spinning event that runs during the Tour de France.  I've been spinning and managed to get two skeins of yarn done so far.

This one is Polwarth/Silk from Edgewood Garden Studios, spun on my Hansen miniSpinner and chain plyed on my Lendrum.

This is South African Superfine wool from Southern Cross Fibre and it was spun and plyed on the Lendrum.

I started knitting a sock yesterday out of handspun superwash Blueface wool and nylon from Gale's Art that I spun last year and three plyed during Spinzilla.  They'll be thick and nice for wearing around the house when it gets cooler.

I spent some time with my wheels outside the past week or so.  I like to take my Lendrum out onto the upper deck and my miniSpinner goes out to the patio below onto the table or lounge.  Such a luxury to have options!  And I never tire of my lake view.  

Last night's full moon was especially spectacular.  I wish I could take better photos!

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