Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sixth Hike and We're Done

As always, coming to the end of a stay at our beloved Green Valley Spa is always hard.  This time it was especially so, since we don't know what the future will bring.  Under new management, our destination spa is changing and we don't know how things will shake out.  We were able to cobble together our usual complete package and the accommodations, treatments, food, and hikes were pretty much the same as always but lack of guests and the rumblings of renovations were a worry.  We will watch to see what happens and know that our hiking guide friends should always be around to walk us and entertain us through Green Valley Hiking no matter where we might end up staying.  The grounds, and especially the many roses, are a big part of why we love it.

Our last hike was with Kim and was a good one. We went out along a road in Snow Canyon Park and then up into Padre Canyon when we said that we wanted a little more hike than walk.  The scenery was beautiful as always and we used some of Marc's techniques learned earlier.

I remembered to use my arms to support some of my body weight to keep me out of the water.

My sister put too much weight on her foot and slippage occurred!

Hopefully this isn't the end of an era.  The trip this year was to celebrate my recovery from the kidney donation surgery and to thank my wonderful sister and daughter for their good care.  Next year will be our regularly scheduled spa year due to a major birthday with a large number attached.  We will see what the year brings and where our adventure takes us.

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