Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day Five Hike

This time we hiked with Marc, who is a wealth of information, entertainment, and technical advice.  As he leads, he shows us alternative ways to approach whatever terrain is ahead.  Here he leads my sister up a stone incline, no doubt explaining the proper foot placement and the value of walking on the toes.  When we come to a downhill section, he will show us how to go backwards to minimize slipping and also how to place feet and use hands to increase confidence and stability.  While in many cases just walking normally would work, being aware of other techniques is very helpful and getting used to using your body in different ways and calling arm and core muscles into play can really make a difference in confidence.  I always learn a lot from Marc.  Plus, he loves my hand knit hats and I was able to increase his supply this time!  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo.

The desert plant were blooming like crazy this time.  

This is indigo, which is so much darker and richer in color than what is captured here.

We were really up on top of a big rock but it looks like we're just sitting on the ground.

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