Monday, October 27, 2014

The Hospital Diet Plan

So I've been a good girl for awhile; no refined sugar, no gluten or much grain at all, no dairy, no alcohol, exercise. Did I lose any weight?  No.  Here's the method that works. Fly at short notice to Nevada to keep your DD company in the hospital. She has a flare up of IBD and can't eat, so she's skin and bones. I sit here and knit (that's going well) and try to find palatable and healthy food to eat. That's apparently impossible in a hospital :). So I seem to have lost about 3 pounds since Friday. Not the most recommended way, but hey whatever works!! ( I'm not really serious here, ya know.)

The Princess is managing well, her pain has lessened, but she can't tolerate food. So we're in a holding pattern, waiting to see what happens. I've been knitting her a big cardigan sweater and am almost done. It was going to be a surprise, but I showed her and she likes it. We've been planning a bright color for the pocket linings so I'm going to explore a yarn store here today and see what I can find. Traveling without my stash at hand is very unsettling. I also need to find buttons. I'll post a photo when I can. Eventually I'll end up in the desert with DH, and I'm looking forward to that.   Looking forward to better days and getting out of here!

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