Sunday, January 22, 2012


It doesn't take much to impress me, but look at the size of the lemon I picked off one of the trees in our complex today.  It's as big as my hand!

The lemons and grapefruits are ripe and delicious, but the oranges are still sour.  I have trouble getting a good orange here; either they're dried out from last year, or not ripe yet.  My quest for the perfect orange from a tree continues...

In other news, I finished spinning a pretty skein of yarn.  I had a batt from Butterfly Girl Designs that was merino, bamboo, and firestar that had been languishing in my fiber stash for quite awhile.

 I brought some of my stash and a spinning wheel down here to the desert (can't live in a place without a selection of yarn and fiber, ya know) and started spinning this pretty batt the last time I was here.  It was only 3.2 ounces, so I wasn't sure how much yardage I'd get.  I didn't split it before starting, so I decided to just spin the whole thing and see if perhaps it would suffice as a single.  It's pretty fine, but not too thready and I wound it into a ball and then onto my tabletop swift and it held together fine and didn't look too uneven.  The colors are really pretty, too. I counted about 825 yards, it straightened out a lot when I washed it and I think I'm going to find a lacy pattern for a shawl and use it as is.  Always fun to experiment!


diannemomof4 said...

How inspiring! My goodness what a unique trade, spinning. I love the colors too! and yes, Wow on the lemon. Never seen in person nor picked a fresh lemon or orange before. I will add this to my bucket list when I get it going.
Great to see what you are doing, thanks to your sweet husband via email. Take great care. :)

Kendi said...
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