Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seaming a Sweater on Superbowl Sunday

This report is a little bit late, but I liked the alliterative headling, so I'm sticking with it!  I did spend much of Superbowl Sunday seaming up my Cassidy.  I started this sweater with the Knitmore Girls' podcast Knitalong but have had a couple of delays along the way.  I'm trying to get it finished so I can wear it next week to Madrona if I want to, so we'll keep fingers crossed.

The seaming:  I do not like sewing and seaming is more sewing than knitting to me.  No matter how careful I vow to be, the seaming never looks very good to me.  So I won't enter the sweater in the looks like it will stay together and the sides are even and it fits! so that's all good.  I picked up the stitches for the hood the other night (another job I don't much care for) and the hood is coming along.  However, my ball of yarn is getting suspiciously small and I know it's the last one, so I'm hoping for the best.  I did have a little more yardage than was called for (after a kind Raveler sold me a matching skein) so there's no reason I should run out.  I just like to worry about things, so that's what I'm doing.

The progress after seaming shoulders, sides, setting in and seaming the sleeves:

And I finished a long-standing WIP!  Reading the Yarn Harlot's blog recently, I noticed that she referred to a disease she had called "Finishitupitis".  This is apparently the opposite of the more commom affliction of "Startitis" which I usually have to some degree.  Anyway, for some reason I decided to finish up a small blanket that I had started soon after I learned to knit about 6 years ago.  It's a pretty simple pattern with alternating squares of pattern that switch orientation every 18 rows.  It's simple to recognize the pattern and you just have to pay attention to where each square of patterning ends and not mindlessly continue knitting the wrong design. (Ask me how I know.)

What I found interesting was that I remember having so much trouble keeping track of this when I started it originally.  I counted obsessively, had tons of stitch markers in it, and couldn't figure out what went wrong when I got off track.  I was happy to observe that now I'm able to read the knitting and can easily see when I get off track.  (I'd be happier if I could say I don't get off track any more, but that would be stretching the truth a bit.)

So I pulled out this blanket a week or so ago and decided to finish it.  I stopped one pattern repeat (36 rows) short of what was called for, but I decided that it was plenty big for a lap blanket.  Too bad the loveseat I made it to match is now slipcovered in a different color, but the blue still goes in the bedroom just fine.  It blocked out nicely and is lovely and squishy.


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A :-) said...

Beautiful! Don't you love finishing up loose ends (so to speak ;-D)