Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's My Holiday and I'll Reschedule if I Want To

This year Hanukkah came at the very first part of December, right after Thanksgiving.  No kids were home, I was in Vegas for part of the time, and we just couldn't arrange to get together for our family celebration.  DH and I lit candles the nights we were home, and I put up some decorations, but in my position as Queen of Everything, I rescheduled Hanukkah.

The Princess and her devoted follower came home for a week, the filmmaker came home for a few days in advance of coming home permanently (!), and our gainfully employed son lives in town.  We rounded up a few more family members and enjoyed our traditional family Hanukkah on Christmas Eve.

Despite the unfortunate burning of many of the latkes and the unusual runny-ness of the spinach casserole, we had an enjoyable and hilarious time.  Our group may be relatively small, but we're still noisy!  The hilarity and possibly the latke burning was probably due to the martinis and/or eggnog.  But whatever....

A few photos follow.  We didn't seem to get everyone included in a picture on my camera, so here's a  representation.  Mostly in the kitchen, as usual!  I notice that DH is notoriously absent, probably cooking the meat outside on the barbeque, or just hiding from the crazy relatives.

I actually made two gifts: The requested black and white checkered scarf for the BF and fingerless mitts for my friend and massage therapist.

I hope your holidays so far have been enjoyable, relaxing, and relatively unburned.

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A :-) said...

Sounds - and looks - like you had a wonderful holiday!! Perfect idea to reschedule it :-)