Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Feel Great!

I had a great yoga class today, physical therapy on my IT band, visited a yarn shop (yeah!) and just ran my last two miles before the race.  I'm pleased that I can run up a gentle slope that used to have me out of breath when I walked up it, can run several miles without stopping to walk, and just generally have a much improved fitness level than I did a year ago.  Finishing a half marathon will be the icing on the cake.

Thank you Kristi and A for your well-wishes.  And thanks to the anonymous commenter who recommended the viagra.  I'm sure he meant well. :)  I like to get comments, but there's a limit!

In knitting news, I started my airplane knitting so I'm all set to mindlessly knit.  This is another ball of Vesper self-striping yarn.  I got it from a Ravelry destash just because I wanted to try self-striping, wouldn't have selected these colors if I had had a better choice, but quite like how they're looking knit up.  I think this is an older base yarn because it's a bit thicker than the other yarn I bought directly from the dyer more recently, but again I like it.  A nice top down vanilla sock will get me through the weekend nicely.

See you later!

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